What to Eat and Drink in Lisbon



Like all cosmopolitan cities, Lisbon has tonnes to offer in the forms of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, street food and more, but sometimes, all the options can seem a little overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of some of the tastiest and most authentic local delicacies which you just have to try during your visit.



Ginjinha is a liquor made from sour morello cherries, combined with sugar, cinnamon and water and left to ferment. It’s usually served as a shot, with a little piece of fruit at the bottom. If that’s not for you, lots of modern bars have been experimenting with the taste to create different cocktails, or even served as a desert in a chocolate cup.


Pastel de nata

Pastel de nata are possibly the most iconic Lisbon treat. These are egg custard tarts, covered with  flakey pastry and dusted with cinnamon. You can find these in coffee shops and cafes all over the city, but if you want the most authentic experience, you should pop down to Pastéis de Belém, who have been making this local delicacy since 1837.



You’re likely to see Petiscos on menus all over the city and if you’re wondering what they are- why not give them a try? Similar in style to Spanish tapas, petiscos are little dishes which you can order in bulk to get a whole range of tastes andshare with your friends. Typical dishes include octopus salads, smoked cheeses, hams and sausages, clams and salted codfish cakes.


Queijo de Azeitao

Portugal is mad about cheese- they make about as many varieties as France. If you’re overwhelmed about all the different names and types of cheese, just try Queijo de Azeitão. It’s a PDO cheese, made about 35km away from Lisbon, with a buttery centre which you scoop out onto bread or crackers. The best thing is- you can have it whenever you want. You’ll find it as a snack, as part of menus or to round off a meal.


Fish + Sea Food

Because of its location, Lisbon is obsessed with fish and seafood, and you can find it in all sorts of restaurants, especially grilled over charcoal. This adds such a distinct Lisbon flavour, and there’s no better place to experience this than in the sunshine with a view of the river. Stuck on what to go for? Favourite fish in Lisbon includes cherne (wreckfish), garoupa (grouper) and salmonetes (red mullet).



Sagres is one of the oldest beer brands in Lisbon and you can find it in pretty much every bar in the city. It’s best served ice cold on a beautiful sunny day – easy!