Surfing around Lisbon

3 days of music, art and culture, in the heart of Lisbon 

Lisbon is currently seen as one of the best surfing hotspots worldwide, and there are many reasons why! Featuring the great Portuguese coasts and warm weather, it’s no doubt that it is an instant hit with surfers. Whether you’re an experienced pro or a beginner, there will always be a place for you on these beaches.


Estoril, just a short journey out of Lisbon, is an amazing spot to get your surfboard and ride those waves. Listed as one of the best spots to surf in Europe, it would definitely be a tick off the bucket list!

ftmarques's photo of Lisbon/Estoril


Cascais, although roughly 30km out if Lisbon, is another great place to surf. Facing out onto the Atlantic Ocean, it features some amazing sights and has also hosted both the Cascais Women Pro and a World Surf League event, as well as a QS Championship event for men too! 

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Costa Da Caparica 

Costa Da Caparica, just a short ride from Lisbon has a 30 km stretch which is perfect for surfers, with waters that reach 14 degrees in winter, It gets busy but there will always be some good waves!

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