Street Art Around Lisbon

3 days of music, art and culture, in the heart of Lisbon 

What is your take on what art can be? Do you think graffiti can be considered art? Do you feel graffiti is vandalism?

With many talented artists around Lisbon, there are many that have used the streets as their canvas for what may be interpreted as artistic graffiti. Names such as Vhils, Aka Corleone and Maria Imaginario have become famous as they are known for their different styles of street art. Ranging from arts depicting irony and humour, to reflections of human identities and day-to-day struggles, there are many artists that have contributed to the graffiti art scene, making it more than your everyday vandalism.

The above piece is one that fascinates us. Titled ‘The Shadow Man’, it illustrates a man sticking his head and arms out of an abandoned building, as if trying to escape, during the night. One thing that puzzles us though; have you ever seen a shadow in natural moonlight?

Keep an eye our on your surroundings, as you may sometimes miss some of the best artwork that the city has to offer. This piece was found outside a Lisbon Metro stop; what is your interpretation of what is going on?

Last, but definitely not least, on our list, we have the piece titled ‘Face in the Building’, created by previously mentioned artist Vhils. This thought-provoking piece can be found near the Santo Amaro docks on the side of a building.

Have you seen any artwork that caught your eye? Send us any artwork you thought was inspiring or interesting to our Instagram @NovaBatida.