Interview with CAKE’s Diogo Lacerda


Having been named as one of Lisbon’s most influential DJs in Lisbon by Mixmag FR, Diogo Lacerda is one part of Lisbon collective CAKE. 
We got the chance to sit down with him and talk about his music, influences and Nova Batida!

You’re representing CAKE this year at Nova Batida. How did the party start?   

Well, pretty naturally to be honest. We were chatting about a New Year’s Eve party where we could play records, reunite friends and have a good time. By a stroke of luck, a really cool artist studio across the river called Arroz Estudios invited us to do a party so we went for it!

This was important as not only is it a super cool spot, being across the river kept us outside of the main ‘circle’ of the Lisbon night scene. After this, we rented a nice sound system, invited our friends from all over Europe, did a Barbecue, and got the party started. We only really expected 30 people to show up but we ended up selling out!

As a DJ how would you describe your style? Who are your major influences?

It definitely took me years, a lot of sacrifices and honest mistakes until I found the path where I could say I see myself. Influences changed a lot over time. A bit part of this was down to visiting new cities and record stores in places like Frankfurt, London, Berlin and most recently Belgium where I am based at the moment…I have always liked a lot weird/breaky obscure music as well as more regular dance stuff. Nowadays I like Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert, Meat beat Manifesto, Matthew Herbert, A,  to name a few. To describe my style I would say it can go between a mysterious ambient environment and a minimalistic perspective on house music and other genres, depending on the occasion.

Other than Nova Batida, where are the best places to see you play and why?

Well for sure CAKE but the place I have been enjoying most recently is definitely 5A CLUB in Lisbon- it encourages my sound, it’s intimate and the sound system is perfect. I always feel like home there and I just go into flight mode when playing there.

What can we expect from your showcase at Nova Batida? 

Expect the unexpected 🙂

Speaking of Nova Batida, who are the artists you are most excited about seeing and why?

Fout Tet, Floating Points, Hunee, Sassy J and definitely Leifur James. They are all incredibly talented musicians in very different perspectives like Jazz, Disco and Techno, somehow they always deliver unexpected performances in a good way. Nova Batida is an awesome occasion to see them all at once.

There are a lot of festivals in Portugal. For you, what makes the country such a great place to spend a weekend listening to music? 

Portugal has a lot to offer, amazing nature and beaches to enjoy, gastronomy is finger-licking good, lots of people from all over the world and good infrastructure to build festivals!

Lisbon is a city that’s bubbling up. What is your opinion on the changes going on? 

I think nowadays the infrastructure has improved considerably, the city is growing in size also and it’s well prepared to receive tourists, yet it still hasn’t lost the charm and intimacy that sets it apart from other cities.

Has this impacted on the scene here? What have been the major changes in the last few years? 

Yes, I think nowadays there are definitely more places to party and enjoy good music, record stores to dig and to gather people around the scene, this generates a very positive outcome, it’s patiently evolving.

Are there any artists coming through we should be looking out for? 

Yes, there is a huge range of very talented people in Lisbon but the one I would point out definitely is Tiago Marques. He is well known for his DJ skills in Lisbon and Porto and lately, I have been listening to his productions and I think in time the world will know his name better. Watch out for his next vinyl release for the first release of the recently formed Portuguese label, Nugs on Board.

Finally, if we had to eat one thing in Lisbon and go home, what should it be? 

This is a hard one; if I had to choose one- I would go for Pastel de nata from Manteigaria or The famous Pasteis de Belém. They’re both delicious!!