10 Reasons Not To Head To Lisbon For Nova Batida This September


Thinking of heading out to Lisbon for Nova Batida festival in September? We’ll give you 10 reasons not to!

1 – Weather will be too nice

With highs around 28-30 degrees celsius and the average around 22, if you hate the sunshine (and potential tanning), Lisbon may not be the place for you.

2 – Music acts are too high-profile

Although predominantly electronic music, there is a range of genres from other artists that will light up the stages so if you’re not into good vibes and music, maybe sit this one out.

3 – Food will be too fresh

Fast food and oven pizzas? Not available here sorry. With only the best fresh seafood and snacks being served in Lisbon, why bother?

4 – Beach is too close

Sunny weather, sand against your feet and the ocean not your thing? Better to go someplace else as the beach is only 20 minutes from Lisbon.

5 – Views are too pretty

With Lisbon offering stunning views of the city the many hilltops, it may just be too much for you to take in.

6 – The music is too good

Due to its complex history, Lisbon has an incredibly diverse and rich music scene. With everything from the traditional genres of Fado, to the electronic impact of its past African connections being felt across its music scene, theatres and clubs, Lisbon is a musical hub. Sounds rubbish, right?

7 – Getting lost in the city is too peaceful

Lisbon’s back streets are one of the most beautiful with different types of roads and architecture everywhere you go. Wouldn’t bother, gorgeous winding city streets sound way too peaceful.

8 – There is too much culture

Not into culture? Then I wouldn’t come to Lisbon. From open-air festivals throughout the summer months to the art collections in the Gulbenkian Museum, there’s constantly something to enjoy here.

9 – The buildings are too colourful

Although also known as the ‘white city’ due to the number of white buildings, the city also hosts houses and apartment blocks in a variety of colours, such as pink, yellow and blue. But prefer grey, boring buildings on your Instagram feed? Fair enough.

10 – There are too many bars

If you hate nightlife and music then the city may not be for you as it contains bars and clubs on rooftops, car parks, city centre locations, garden, museums….yawwwnnnn, we’ll stop it there – sounds awful right?